What Our Patients Say

  • “We got our daughter back as a result of therapy and wisdom of the doctors at Revive!!!! After being told at the Mayo Clinic that there was nothing they could do to help our daughter heal from all the resulting neurological deficits from TBI/multiple concussions, we sought help elsewhere.”

  • “Revive has helped me more than I could possibly describe in writing. The doctors here have presented my brain and its function and dysfunction in a completely different light so I could understand it better. They have helped myself and my family work through so many different issues related to my TBI that we wouldn’t have been able to do on our own.

    Revive has a relaxed yet professional atmosphere with unbelievably smart and progressive staff. Anybody suffering from the stress and changes brought on by any neurological issues, inquire within.

    They gave me my life back.”

  • “Revive Treatment Centers saved my life! Period. End of story! This was the second brain treatment center I have been to. Before going to Revive, I stayed in the hospital for 25 days with no hope or cure. The only thing I left with from the hospital was 37 different medications that didn’t help at all.

    When I first met the doctors at Revive, I was in a wheelchair and had a severe case of dizziness that left my total body impaired. Going through their treatment program, and following their advice, brought me to a whole new state of health. Now I’m off all 37 medications, I’m no longer in a wheelchair, and I’m healthier than I’ve ever been. I can’t thank the staff and doctors at Revive enough!! I have my life back, and more importantly, my wife and kids have their husband and daddy back. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!”

  • “We exhausted all treatment options in our area for our son. He suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car accident a few years ago. The neurologists and other physicians in our home State said he would not improve any more. The team at Revive carefully reviewed his case, gave him a thorough evaluation, and produced a comprehensive treatment plan that combined treatment at their Center with ongoing treatment options at home. Do not skim lightly over the term “team”. This group provides integrative treatment based on a master-mind team approach. Additionally, the treatment plan was realistic and monitored, allowing for appropriate changes when necessary. The results have been remarkable.”

    Cheryl A.
  • “A year ago our daughter Kourtney and myself made a trip to Revive Treatment Center hoping to get help for our grandson Will, he has some learning difficulties and sensory issues. They made great progress with him and by the end of the week, he was like a different child. The entire staff was very professional and very helpful for Will’s needs.”

  • “I wasn’t too sure when I walked in the door for the first time, but after my time at Revive I noticed a difference in my life. The therapy was explained in detail before during and after. It gives you more comfort knowing what is going on at all times during the treatment. The staff was great, they brought out my personality that had been masked by PTSD and TBI from Iraq. Take it from a former negative and critical Veteran, this place is worth your time and money.”

  • “We made more progress here in six days then we have in the past six years anywhere else”.  -Parents of patient with Cerebral Palsy

  • “We are so grateful for treatment that we received at this clinic in May of 2018. The staff was very professional and we experienced great gains in Stroke Recovery. Our only issue is that we wish we had found them sooner.

    We are home now and implementing several therapies that we learned while being treated in their offices. It does require much hard work & commitment.  The after care has been amazing as well!  What a great team!”

    Lori Jo
  • “Revive helped me restore equilibrium to my vision, balance, sleep and cognitive function. I was surprised after the initial testing that they immediately picked up on some of the core issues that had developed after a lengthy battle with advanced stage neurological Lyme disease.”

  • “At Revive they look at your body as a whole to find the right cause of the issues you are having. They have helped me achieve what I was once told by a doctor at home in the U.K was not possible! So thank you to everyone at Revive who have made walking unaided possible!”


At Revive Treatment Centers

We utilize an integrated approach to treating our patients. Practitioners examine each patient’s lifestyle and unique neurological and biochemical factors to identify the underlying causes of their condition. Most often there are multiple layers of issues which need to be uncovered and prioritized, and this takes time and deep investigation to get to the origination of the symptoms. We may utilize advanced imaging, specialty lab work, or specific diagnostic testing to get a closer look at all of the identifying factors.

At Revive, the doctors do not leave out any details in their comprehensive approach to treatment: from genetic predisposition, development of the individual brain, analysis of the gut biome, immune issues that may be involved, to medications being used and how they are contributing. These science-based findings aid in creating a treatment plan which will help patients to return to optimal function. The goal of Revive Treatment Centers is to improve health and vitality in each patient. We see profound results while in our office and strive to continue the momentum by working with your local specialist to ensure your progress to Live Life better and Love Life more.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Joshua Flowers, DC, DACNB Dr. Joshua Flowers DC

Dan Engle, MD Dr. Dan Engle MD

Dr. Scharlene Gaudet, DC, DACNB Dr. Dan Engle MD

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