Feel better than you did before your concussion.


Leading concussion recovery clinic, producing results in only 10 days.

Revive is a world-renowned neurological rehabilitation and optimization facility that transforms the lives of Concussion / Post Concussion Syndrome patients, restoring function and quality of life. Most other concussion clinics only have a few outdated therapeutic modalities and a limited scope of practice. At Revive, we utilize the most robust and advanced neuro suite in the world combined with a multidimensional approach by looking at the health of your entire body, to ensure that your improvements last.

Continue reading to learn why our treatment protocols produce such life-changing results, and then schedule a call with our team to learn how to become a Revive patient.

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“I have had 14 concussions and dozens of seizures. Revive Treatment Centers have helped me immensely! Before I went, I couldn’t stand or walk for more than 15 minutes without getting super sick and having to lay in bed for hours to days. Now, I am able to get through an entire day of errands. I started driving again. And, I feel like I am getting my life and independence back! I still have a lot of work to do on my journey of health and healing. But I finally have the resources, answers, and team behind me to be able to do so! Not only did they treat me while I was there, but they also set up a 3 month program designed specifically for me. Plus, I am in contact with them constantly. They focus on treating the entire body. We did numerous tests, including a genetic test, and found a bunch of answers and reasons why I was struggling with what I was. Revive is the real deal! Most concussion centers only have one or two treatments. I did over 16 different treatments every single day while I was there. This treatment was life changing! I could not recommend Revive enough!”
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Natalie R


Here at Revive in Denver, Colorado, we only utilize the most effective evidence-based therapies to help our Concussion / Post Concussion Syndrome patients recover as quickly as possible. Nowhere else in the world can you find all of these treatment modalities all under one roof. Click to learn more.


Here at Revive in Denver, Colorado, we encourage you to dive into the research of the evidence-based therapies to better understand why our treatment protocols are so successful. We have provided several articles on every therapy, offering an in-depth explanation of the science behind our life transforming program.




For our patients recovering from TBI, we utilize a multifaceted and integrated approach to treatment, which sets us apart from other neurological recovery facilities. There are often multiple layers of issues which need to be uncovered and prioritized, including gut dysfunction, mental health, hormones, immune system, diet, and sleep, to name a few.

Our well-rounded, esteemed clinical team identifies all of the neurological, metabolic, and psychological components of your condition to get to the root of the dysfunction, rather than merely treating symptoms. By integrating knowledge of the brain and influence of these factors, we can be very specific with targeted therapies, creating lasting changes to restore the body and mind to optimal function.

Your treatment plan is designed specifically for you and is not a protocol.



  • Nutrition: avoid sugar, dairy, and wheat (neuroinflammatory foods)
  • Hydration: crucial for overall health and recovery
  • Medical history, intake forms filled out and sent to Revive
  • Bloodwork done at your nearest LabCorp facility (we will send requisition)



  • Extensive diagnostic testing and evaluation
  • 10-15 days of neurological therapies
  • Metabolic support via IV infusions
  • Regenerative Therapies
  • Nutrition & Functional Medicine
  • Mindset coaching & meditation guidance



  • 90-day customized at-home plan for continued improvements
  • Regularly scheduled phone calls, video calls, and email support
  •  Enrollment in the Revive mobile app
  • Customized nutritional plan, supplementation
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This is a place of transformational medicine, where you receive the most advanced therapies in neurological rehabilitation in addition to comprehensive education about the 3 key pillars of your recovery: neurology, metabolic function, and psychology.


We offer a comprehensive suite of neurological therapies, in conjunction with metabolic and psychiatric approaches, to ensure better outcomes and lifelong results. Through extensive diagnostic testing and evaluation, we create treatment plans to directly stimulate the parts of your brain/neuraxis that have been affected by the stroke. Some of the neurological therapies we utilize include rTMS, rotational therapy, eye therapy/visual stimulation, HBOT, and many more.


Achieving an optimal environment in the body strongly supports the healing of physiological, neurological, and mental health. We often run blood tests and genetic tests (in addition to neurological testing) to discover chemical imbalances that often accompany TBIs. These test results determine how we will restore your body to homeostasis through a personalized functional medicine protocol overseen by our expert clinicians.


TBIs are often accompanied with severe depression and other mental health conditions due to diminished quality of life and loss of hope. Here at Revive, we see the most profound, positive outcomes when we address the psychology in addition to neurological and metabolic approaches to healing. Our program resets your perspective and shifts your mindset toward gratitude and empowerment as you step into your new life.

Out of network for insurance coverage?
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Our passion is helping those with brain injuries restore quality of life, so we are happy to accept CareCredit, which allows many of our patients to take advantage of a no-interest payment plan.

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