Our IV Infusion Suite offers tremendous metabolic support for our patients to optimize cellular health and function, helping to accelerate their neurological healing. These IV infusions are key components of our patients’ treatment programs during their time at Revive. Click below to read more about the different infusion therapies we provide in our IV infusion suite.


NAD+ stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide– a coenzyme of niacin found in all living cells on planet Earth that is involved in many processes. NAD+ is basically the building block of a healthy body that the brain, internal organs, and neurological systems need to function at optimal efficiency. A significant increase in NAD+ levels helps to restore brain functionality by boosting mitochondrial function at the cellular level.

Studies have shown promising results that NAD+ slows the aging process, improves mental clarity, restores neurologic function, and improves the body’s overall health.


Phosphatidylcholine (PC) is one of the most important nutrients required for optimal health, and IV PC therapy offers significant neurological support for those with brain trauma, stroke, and neurodegeneration. Most adults do not obtain enough of this valuable nutrient through diet alone. Although PC is traditionally used to support brain health, it can also support liver function and keep cholesterol levels in check.

Research shows that IV PC is highly bioavailable, making IV phosphatidylcholine an easy way to increase PC in the body.


Glutathione is a natural substance that is present in all human cells. It is often called the “Master Antioxidant,” and if it is depleted in a cell, it will lead to cell death. Glutathione protects cells of many types, and is also a cofactor in many bodily processes. It is the foundation for the main detoxification pathways in the liver, kidneys, lungs, intestinal lining, and other organs.

Studies have shown that levels of glutathione directly correspond to the health and function of cells. There is a clear link between low glutathione levels and decreased brain health.


Alpha-Lipoic acid (ALA) is a potent antioxidant compound that works with mitochondria and the body’s natural antioxidant defense systems. ALA regenerates endogenous antioxidants such as glutathione, vitamin C, and vitamin E, preventing defiencies in these antioxidants. In addition to those 3 antioxidants, ALA restores supplies of CoQ10, NADH, and NADPH, greatly improving mitochondrial production of ATP energy.

As an IV therapy, ALA is particularly effective in restoring a TBI or stroke patient’s level of antioxidants, improving energy production, and protecting vital organs from damage and disease.


Many of our patients are deficient in crucial vitamins and minerals as a result of their injury and/or lifestyle choices. These key allies must be restored to functional levels in order to support optimal healing. Our extensive metabolic testing (bloodwork, genetic testing, etc.) will determine which patients receive which vitamin therapies during their time at Revive.

The most common intramuscular injections we offer are vitamins D3 and B12, as well as powerful the antioxidant CoQ10. All of our patients will receive a FastVitamin Push with every NAD+, PC, ALA, or Glutathione infusion, which contains a blend of 19 vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.