Ketamine Injection Therapy

Ketamine has been discovered to have dramatic beneficial effects on patients with depression, OCD, PTSD, bipolar disorder and suicidal tendencies. While other medications and therapies can take months or even years to show any glimpses of results, the effects of Ketamine therapy are immediate, the most effective and longest lasting. Ketamine works differently than traditional antidepressants. Ketamine immediately reduces stress and makes patients feel less lost, confused, and overwhelmed. This creates a window of clarity in which they can seek help and respond better to traditional therapy and counseling.

What is Ketamine Injection Therapy?

Ketamine is recognized as the safest, most widely used anesthetic in the world. It’s an FDA approved Schedule III anesthetic that has been used on both adults and young children. Research has shown that Ketamine can decrease and even eliminate suicidal thinking within hours.  Due to ketamine’s unique ability to reduce symptoms of depression and pain, many have found this type of treatment highly effective for addiction recovery.

What is the Treatment Process for Ketamine?

The doctor will determine a customized protocol for you depending on your symptoms.

Each case is handled with sensitivity and care.  Every treatment is adjusted individually to each patient’s unique case.  Most patients feel the effects of the therapy almost immediately, the benefits of which can last for a couple of months or possibly a year. It is recommended for those with depressive symptoms to undergo regularly scheduled boosters to maintain their remission and wellbeing.

Is Ketamine right for me? – What to expect:

Ketamine’s predominant action in the human brain is to block the NMDA receptor, which normally activates neurons. When this receptor is blocked, the central nervous system begins to lose responsiveness.  At lower doses, ketamine produces a mild state of “creating subjective distance from one’s pain, emotions, and negative thoughts – Ketamine can help patients begin to release their identification from their symptoms or diagnosis, acting as a catalyst to their healing process”, relieves pain, and alters the perception of sight and sound.  Moderate doses begin to create illusions of separation from the environment or oneself which aids in creating clarity and receptiveness to therapeutic counseling.

Ketamine may be an effective treatment for:

  • Depression and accompanying anxiety
  • Chronic pain
  • Substance abuse disorders
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

Researchers theorize that ketamine blocks a specific receptor in the brain that plays a role in depression. As such, it’s excellent for treatment-resistant conditions such as depression. It also treats chronic pain with superb efficacy.

The standard protocol for ketamine therapy is 4-6 doses over a 2 week period, with each session lasting around 40 minutes. For chronic pain patients ketamine infusions will last a few hours longer. The effects of this innovative therapy have been felt by patients as soon as the day of their infusion and have the ability to last for years.


✓  Immediate results in patients with refractory depression 

✓ Dramatic improvements in mood within hours

✓ Effective treatment when other treatments fail

✓ Especially useful in suicidal patients when time is of the essence